Food First is a weekend and summer feeding program launched in the summer of 2021 to fight food insecurity amongst our youth in Midland.

With a single food truck, the help of community volunteers, and a vision to end food insecurity in Midland, this program fed 4,000 kids during the summer of 2021 and continues to assist our public school in preparing lunches for kids to take home on the weekends to ensure they have food to eat during the weekend.

We have a goal of acquiring an additional food truck this coming year in the hopes of doubling the number of kids receiving meals during the weekends and summers.

Food is the most important school supply you can give a child. Hunger during the school day hinders their ability to focus on learning the material being taught in the classroom. At R.O.P.E Youth, we believe one hungry child is too many and we are working diligently to provide solution.